New beginnings

Welcome to my blog and my studio (at the back of my garage in the garden).

After taking a couple of courses in lamp work (glass bead making) and fusing (using a kiln to make bowls, coasters, jewellery) many years ago, I excitedly gathered all the equipment and tools I could manage and began my new hobby.  My very first pieces that came out of the kiln made my heart sink…

Maybe I hadn’t taken the courses seriously enough, maybe I was just rubbish at it, maybe I shouldn’t have drunk any wine beforehand…  However, I persevered and in my first year made lots of lovely items that I gave as gifts or sold.

A few years went by and I had moved house three times, once into a flat and the final time into a house that needed complete renovation.  I found myself working in a secondary school finance office and spent four years taking AAT exams which I passed, and then decided to resign to help my husband with his own consultancy business.  During all of this time, the glass work was put on hold and equipment put into storage.

I was lucky enough last year to get everything out and set up into a newly made studio.  Because of the break, I feel like I have a fresh perspective and lots of new ideas.  I am older (!) and maybe a bit more confident (although still pretty unsociable).  I have realised that I don’t enjoy making jewellery that much, but I do enjoy using glass powders and frits and making more abstract designs.

In a couple of weeks time on Sunday 3rd December I will be at the Holmes Chapel Christmas Fair with a selection of items on display, my first fair in a long while.  Until then, I will be developing this new website and my ideas and products.  Watch this space!

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